How is this different to other ESCO arrangements?

  • We share the energy saving most ESCO give you no benefit or share of the savings until the completion of the agreement

  • We fix our payments so you can budget and understand your commitments, most ESCO agreements are variable

  • We verify the savings ensuring you are never out of pocket, some ESCO solutions claim savings and then you have to pay your regular payments even when no savings have been made costing you money

How long is the contract for?

  • Typically the contracts are for 7-years based on LED Lighting and 10-years where a combination of technologies is in place.

What is the cost to our business?

  • You pay a managed Service Fee Agreement which is fixed at the start of the agreement for the duration of the agreement and is payable quarterly. This is your only commitment and is fixed.

Do we have ongoing costs?

  • For the duration of the agreement maintenance of the equipment is included in the fee and at the end of the agreement the equipment becomes yours and you then benefit from 100% of the savings and take over the running of the equipment

Is this a loan?

  • This is a fully managed service fee agreement and is not a financial loan or lease purchase, the equipment remains the property of the fund that invests and the fund maintains and manages the equipment for the period of the contract through CO2ST

What if I want to lease?

  • We can arrange this through our leasing partner if this method is preferred

What if I want energy savings and don’t want to own the equipment?

  • We can arrange alternative solutions including free renewable energy or long term rental agreements

What technologies do you support?

  • The technology solutions partners we work with have been sourced diligently to ensure best of breed, quality, performance and cost. We constantly review our technology solutions and add new energy reduction solutions on a regular basis. The measures available cover all aspects of a building’s performance, including heating, lighting, insulation, waste water heat recovery, and self generating renewable technologies.

  • If you have measures you are keen to implement or suppliers / manufacturers of technologies you would like to consider we are able to review and include these solutions where they meet the commercial criteria.