Criteria and Process

As each shared energy savings project is unique we conduct a feasibility study to determine potential costs and savings. Our funding and support is available to projects below the threshold of many of our competitors. Project sizes typically range between £150,000 and £5,000,000. If you don’t know what your project size would be then we look at energy bills and would suggest that your combined power and heating bills be in excess of £75,000 per annum.


  • Initial Checks
  • In the first review we will request your energy bills to verify your spend and to understand the demands of your building and business. At this point, where required, a basic credit report will be generated.

  • Meeting
  • Our first meeting will be to listen to your needs. We will do a basic review of the site on this visit and report back to you your suitability and our initial thoughts. We may ask you for asset registers and details of the building and a letter of intent to work with us

  • Feasibility
  • Next we start modeling your building and getting professional surveys. We will assess and establish the baseline of the building to measure savings against. We will then assess the feasibility of the project, including costs, savings and supply chain. Potential payback periods are also established

  • Proposal
  • Once we have established with you what we are going to install we will prepare the financial proposal to review with you. Remember our charges are fixed for the term so you can review budgets and understand the savings

  • Verification
  • We appoint a third party independent verification specialist to confirm the survey findings and energy savings then we will take the project to the fund, get sign off and start installation complying with any requirements you have such as out of hours, CRB checks, Health and Safety requirements

  • Ongoing
  • We then monitor the installation and provide maintenance and support for the duration of the agreement.

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