Shared Saving Model

What is an energy service company or an ESCO?

An Energy Services Company is a company that will develop, install, and finance large domestic and non-domestic energy projects that are designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce on-going operational and associated maintenance costs. These types of contract are known as an Energy Savings Contract or ESCO for short. You payback the cost of improvements through energy savings

Why are we different to other ESCOs?

We are not an ESCO we are a Shared Energy Saving Performance Company (SESPCo) and this means that we use external independent verification to ensure savings are correct and then share those savings with you from day one.

We do not take all the savings like a traditional ESCO, we take a percentage meaning that you see immediate cost saving benefits from the minute we switch on the equipment.

For you the process requires no capital investment. We provide all the upfront capital to assess the project and deliver the project. Investment made is recouped over an agreed fixed schedule, based on the share of the energy savings generated.

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