Free Biomass Systems

Commercial Biomass Systems

Reduce your heating costs by installing biomass with a free biomass solution

A viable alternative to shared energy savings when you do not want to own the equipment just benefit from the energy savings

Ideal for premises off grid or those with aging inefficient gas boilers

Savings range from 20% to 50% depending on your site

How does free biomass work?

  • You pay nothing for the installation and maintenance of the plant and connections

  • You get to use the heat generated at a much lower rate than your current oil or LPG costs per unit saving you money on energy consumed and on maintenance. Our usual rate for heat is 4.5p per unit linked to RPI.

  • We take the payment from the Government (RHI – Renewable Heat Incentive) and use this to pay for the biomass system

  • Maintenance is included which means no nasty surprises or the need for any variable costs

  • Agreements are for 20 years

  • Available to private and public sector organisations with a heating bill of £30,000+

For more information on our free biomass solution, please contact us.

This scheme can be applied to any technology supported by the FIT, RHI or ROC scheme. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a different technology including hydro, anaerobic digestion, wind, heat pumps or solar thermal