Energy Audits

Energy audits can be conducted at any time on your building or portfolio.

Using SBEM modelling, energy audits can give accurate reports on where energy savings can be achieved across a host of measures and form the basis of a funding package or ongoing strategy for a business.

Using our best of breed supplier network we are able to advise on how to use this information to achieve significant savings.

Energy audits will commonly review

Electricity Saving Measures

  • Lighting and Controls

  • Voltage Optimisation

  • Air handling unit upgrades

  • Chiller Replacement

Heating Saving Measures

  • Pipework and Valve Insulation

  • Boiler Controls

  • Replacement Boilers

Renewable Technologies

  • Biomass Boiler

  • Heat Pump

  • Solar PV

Other Technologies

  • Water Saving Measures

Energy audits can be ideal if you wish to self fund upgrade work but need guidance and project management

For a sample report and price list please get in touch with CO2ST